New online women’s magazine postponed

I looked at the date of my last posting here and was very surprised. Nearly three years have passed and I haven’t kept people who read this site from time-to-time informed of what was going on even though I have done so on other social media.

The short version is that I’ve had no choice but to shelve the new magazine, (WWM), for now. In the three years since I last posted, I’ve been desperately trying to clean up the mess left by a mother who had (formally) undiagnosed dementia. As time progressed, the depth of her financial mismanagement became devastatingly clear. It took luck, a good lawyer, unshakeable determination and a whole lot of guts to keep a roof over the heads of my four-legged daughters and me. I had to go up against the 20th largest financial institution in the country by myself. My attorney, to whom I am forever and deeply grateful, bought me the time I needed to map a strategy, plan tactics and execute. Without him, we’d be on the street because the bank was going to foreclose and there were no options because the loan wasn’t mine. Instead, the bank decided to withdraw the foreclosure action and gave me clear title. There are still a lot of financial issues to address, but at least I can begin to breathe a little.

The estate business consumed my time, emotional and physical energy. I lapsed into a fibromyalgia flare–the longest I’ve ever had. Nevertheless, I worked to get WWM open. It did open for a couple of days, but the site broke when the theme was updated. There was no way to repair it even with the help of the developer. The only viable option was to start from scratch.

Eventually, I did get the site back up, although not open. As I read through it, I realized that it wasn’t the magazine I wanted it to be. Furthermore, I didn’t have the time or financial means to make it so. A great many things happened all around the same time, including a decline in my health independent of fibromyalgia. I had to make a choice between taking care of my health and my family, knowing that I could pick WWM up again with new energy and insight at a later date, or; trying to cobble an inferior version together simply to say I’d done it. I chose to make WWM the best it could be and that meant leaving it alone until I could be the best I could be.

It is probable that I will start nearly from scratch with the design and the articles I’ll commission. I always look for subjects that might appeal to the magazine’s potential readers as I do everything. I’ve got all sorts of notes and Pinterest pins to keep me focused in a way I don’t believe the articles I’d previously commissioned were focused on the target audience. Occasionally, time is a friend. It provides clarity.

I do have a potential opening date in mind in a very general sense. I will not, however, publicize it until the site is almost open. The only thing I can say is that it will not be “soon,” although that is a relative term. Let me just say that I wish I could do it sooner.